Educational Alternatives

What are Educational Alternatives?

In the wake of mandates for both Masks and Vaccinations, many parents are considering alternatives to CCSD Schools. With technology and social media, a significant amount of resources and support groups are available to assist with the transition to one of many different educational alternatives. These alternatives include Home School, Micro-School and POD School options.

We have added these resources to our page as a way to provide families options while we focus our efforts on Making CCSD Great Again. The process will take time and ultimately will be challenging, and most families cannot wait until we succeed in rebuilding the school district to what Clark County expects!


An educational option performed at home by parents or tutors. With numerous online resources and digital classrooms available, this option may be beneficial to stay at home parents. Do not be intimidated by the concept of homeschooling, it can be quite rewarding. There are a significant amount of homeschool groups and curated learning materials available for all grade levels.


Small educational programs which take place in homes, commercial space, park or place in which children can safely meet in a small group. Typically organized by teachers who prepare and organize lesson plans and learning materials to organize the day and guide the learning process. A great option for those parents who need a similar option to traditional classrooms. Although, typically a cost is associated, they are generally minimal.

Pod School

A combination of Homeschool and Micro-School. Generally not organized and managed by an educator, these programs are generally created by homeschool parents to provide small group learning similar to traditional classroom learning. In place of educators are parents and teens who provide support for academic achievement. A great alternative to homeschool while providing a social outlet for children.

Online Learning

Online learning resources provide instruction completely through the internet. Many college universities offer digital classrooms. However, primary education system are adopting online learning options for parents.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools provide a great alternative to CCSD. They offer very similar instruction but are not managed or maintained by CCSD. They must follow the direction of Nevada Department of Education, but are generally no cost to parents. However, acceptance to a charter school is generally done by lottery.

Private Schools

A costly alternative to CCSD, but is not managed or maintained by the school district. They are privately funded and the curriculum is created by the school only. Offering smaller class sizes with more one-on-one instruction, the student is provided more personalized instruction.