Recall Initiative

In order to recall the board of trustees, we need the following:

  • Submit our Request for Recall. This requires the signatures of three individuals in each of the five districts we are looking to recall.
  • After the Request for Recall is submitted, we then move into the petition phase. We must acquire 25% of each of the registered voters in each of the five districts.
  • Once we obtain all of the required signatures, we will submit them to the State of Nevada Department of Elections. Once the signatures are validated, we have successfully recalled the five board members and a call for a special election is to be held.

Of course, this an over simplified version of events. But, we have to start somewhere. Even if the recall isn’t completed in time for the 2022 election, this recall with leave a stain on the records of all five trustees.

Who Can Sign The Petition?

Only those who are registered voters in the corresponding districts may sign the petition. The districts under this recall include: District G, District D, District C, District E, and District A.

If you are not aware which district you are a registered voter, please visit review the map below.

In addition, the Recall requirements were amended in Sept. 2019. This requires that the voter MUST have participated in the election of the five board members. There is no requirement that the voter actually voted for the specific candidate. Just that they participated in the corresponding election.

For Reference:

  • Lisa Guzman (District A) – November 2020
  • Linda Cavazos (District G) – November 2018
  • Irene Cepeda (District D) – November 2019
  • Evelyn Morales (District C) – November 2020
  • Lola Brooks (District E) – November 2020

Sign the Petition?

Complete the form below to register. We will co-ordinate a time and location for you to sign the petition. The State of Nevada does not recognize digital signatures. Therefore, we will need to obtain a wet signature.

Can’t sign? Want To Help?

Although the signatures on the petition are critical to advancing this agenda, if you do not qualify, but still want to help. Please complete the contact information form, and we will engage your assistance to help in various ways!