Our Goal

We want to take our education system back and help repair the damage caused by these partisan bureaucratic superintendents and board of trustees.  With a myriad of systemic failures, we need to overtake the current sitting board of directors.  We must rebuild the very structure of our education system and remove the POLITICS from our schools. Then, we can focus our attention on providing the quality education our children deserve!

Why Do This?

Clearly, our Superintendent and Board of Trustees are more focused on a political agenda. An overwhelming number of Parents and Teachers plead with the board to vote against a mandate and remove the choice of CCSD employees from making their own medical decisions. Even with the overwhelming opposition, the board voted to allow Dr. Jara the opportunity to mandate the vaccine to employees of CCSD. This action is just one of the many politically motivated changes. We cannot continue to allow them to introduce politically motivated agendas while working against “US” the constituents they represent! Our CCSD Employees and Students deserve better! Our State deserves better!

How Will We Do This?

With the overwhelming support of our community, we will do the following:

  • Recall Linda Cavazos, Irene Cepeda, Evelyn Morales, Lola Brooks, Danielle Ford and Lisa Guzman.
  • Request resignation of Dr. Jesus Jara.
  • Identify and support replacement Trustees who remain objective and non-partisan.
  • Work with the new Board of Trustees to rebuild the foundation for the district.
  • Eliminate the salary gap for employees.
  • Focus on hiring quality educators to meet the needs of the district.
  • Work with our local and state politicians to review a plan to separate the district.

How Can You Help?

Obviously, we will need many volunteers to hit the pavement and obtain all of the necessary signatures required to recall the current five board members. From there, we will need to assemble groups of us to advocate for the election of Non-Partisan trustees.

You can also assist by removing the financial benefit your children have in the Clark County School District. Withdraw your students and support the educators who cherish our American values and provide a safe and non-political education. You are also able to withdraw your students and homeschool them. With all of the online resources and known proven resources, educating your children at home is much easier. Feel free to visit the Homeschool Education page for links to resources that may be of assistance!

Follow us on all of the social media sites to keep up with our initiatives. Check back here often for updates on the recall progress and events scheduled for this initiative!

Phase 1 – Recall Initiative

Phase 2 – Identify Candidates